Office Essentials

Office Essentials

When I joined the postal department as a PA, no one guided me about office etiquettes. I did a lot of mistakes in the early days and the reputation stuck with me until I got transferred to a different location.

I have learned the hard way that maintaining a good rapport helps in the long run. Apart from being punctual to office, avoid silly mistakes like using phones on work hours, wasting time on unnecessary things, being rude to customers so on and so forth.

If you cannot avoid these, then at least hold back in the initial days. The first impression will stick with you forever.

That being said, I will write a separate article on office etiquettes but, this article is not on that. This is about some of the essential things that you should have in the office.

USB cable

Have an extra USB cable at the office and do not bring it home. I had issues where I had to ask phone chargers from my colleagues and it is not a good habit.

Recently, I found a wonderful phone that satisfied my needs of longer battery power. I bought SAMSUNG M30s . I must tell you that even after heavy usage, I get 2 days of battery life!

There is also SAMSUNG M30 if you are looking for a budget friendly option.

If these are not available then you can go for one in M series . You will not be disappointed.

Extra pair of clothing

I have had many instances where I needed extra cloth as the one I wore became dirty. With Swaccha Bharath is in full swing this is something I follow all the time. Keep it in your desk drawer or some place safe.

Smell nice

Even though you have an extra pair of clothing, it doesn’t necessarily save you from your body odour. And the funny thing about body odour is that you will not get it. People around you will notice it.

Before anyone cringes at your body odour, use some nice deo or perfume and be a good colleague.

A notebook

A good notebook can help you immensely if you use it correctly. I used to think that I can remember whenever some senior or colleague teaches me a new procedure or step at work or in software but I was so wrong.

You might feel like you have understood the whole thing but when you get to do it, you’ll understand that you cannot recall a few major steps. This is why I use this Notepad which has a strap on for keeping it in shape.

As for as the pens go, you can never have enough of them. I have this set of pens at home and I keep at least two pens on my desk. I read a nice trick that helped me is that you should always keep the pen cap with you whenever someone asks for your pen. This way they will always return it while finding the cap.

Tiffin box

The most important meal for me is not the breakfast but the breakwork. I prefer a nice meal after heavy work at the office. I have seen people using Tupperware boxes but I try to refrain from it.

You never know what can hot food inside a plastic box can become. Plastics usually melt in traces and get into the food. Avoid plastics wherever you can.

I don’t want my food to be contained in a plastic box. I use the classic steel tiffin box . It was a little expensive compared to the plastic ones but I don’t regret it. I do not want any plastic to touch my food.

Wet wipes

In many offices, toilets aren’t particularly clean. Having a pack of these wet wipes will help in many situations and also doubles as a hanky in hot weather.

These are a few things I need in an office. Let me know what is it that you must want in an office.

Thanks for reading