How to Send Stamp to Branch Post Office from CSI Sub Post Office?

In the previous article, I have explained how to send stamp material from HO to SOs and receiving the same invoiced stamp material at SOs .

We will use these 2 steps together to send stamps to BOs. So, here I will be explaining the steps to sending stamps to respective BOs.

Step 1

Go to the article How send stamp to Sub Office from head Office?

In this case, only the following numbers get changed.

  1. Storage location - TR01 will be changed to SO01(Sub Office number of your office)

  2. Destination- SO01 will be changed to BO01(BOs number)

The rest of the procedure is same as explained in the article.

Step 2

Go to the article How to receive stamp Material in CSI sub-post office? (If you are sending stamps to more than one BO then note down all document numbers which are generated in the previous step). Perform the same procedure as explained in the article.

For sending stamps to BOs, the SPM or Treasure should perform both the procedures if BOs are not migrated to RICT.

In CSI, Stamps are maintained out and out. So, be cautious while sending stamps. Once you perform these procedures, please view in MB52 - by giving BO location - to check whether the stamps are placed to proper BO.

How to Reflect BOs Stamp Sale in Daily Account?

If stamps are sold at BOs then BPM has to show the stamp sale amount with the denomination of stamps on receipt side of Daily Account separately. The SPM can show the stamp sold amount at the Point Of Sale.

POS >> Misellaneous >> BO_BOOK_ITEM >> Select respective BO

Now, all the stamps that are available at BO storage location will show up. Select the relevant stamp, quantity and click on payment button to get the stamp sale. This stamp quantity will get reduced in BO storage location and the same amount will be raised in BO Daily Account.